Building PowerTribe Community- A Software Development Case Study

The statistics about women in leadership positions in corporate America are grim. Only 25%of the senior leadership is made up of women. The numbers are even worse for women of color. They make up a mere 5% of the senior leadership in corporations in the States. Changing this inspired PowerTribe, a mentorship program for women of color in the corporate world. The founder approached us to create an online platform for black women looking to be part of a sisterhood that encourages them to grow and heal while building wealth.

The client was looking for a website that would allow them to connect women of color across the US and offer membership functionality with different tiers and an event calendar page.

The client was looking for a website that would allow them to connect women to mentors and vice versa. They also wanted the site to have a membership functionality with different tiers and an event calendar page.

Product Description

The Power Tribe website is a membership-based platform with two tiers. Members can register as mentors or mentees with varying benefits and patent structures. The registration format allows the site to collect relevant information on its members, which is then stored securely. Members can create accounts where they will get notifications about upcoming events planned by Power Tribe. The site also serves as a platform for women of color in corporate America to share their experiences through the blog.

Technologies Used

WordPress site

The website is fully developed on WordPress CMS with responsive layouts, so it looks great on all devices. We integrated Woocommerce plugins to set up the membership functionality.

How we built the Power Tribe Website

The first stage in creating the website was creating a brand for Power Tribe. We held several meetings with our client to understand their inspiration behind creating this community. Our design team came up with several brand colors and a logo, with the client approving one.

The next step was developing the website. We used WordPress to build the site, which allowed us to create a custom theme for our client’s needs. The software also allowed us to seamlessly integrate many different parts of the site to create a robust platform that could handle all of these features in an easy-to-use way. It is also simple enough for users with zero tech skills to manage.

The client wanted to create a tiered membership system with different price points and access levels that would allow their users to sign up as community members or advisors. To make this possible, we needed to develop an intuitive way for users to manage their subscriptions. We set up this functionality with Woocemmerce, which allowed us to create membership levels and access rules.

Using an event calendar page would be a great way to manage memberships. It also provided an opportunity for users who were yet to be members but were interested in becoming one later on down the line to see what was coming up without signing up or paying any upfront. This would help boost community numbers.

We designed the event calendar page to make it easy for members and non-members alike to find out what events are happening on any given day. The design is clean and minimalist and is a straightforward functionality for members to plan their involvement in community events. Only users with admin access can alter this page.

Publishing a blog on a WordPress site

Next up was the ‘Who We Are’ page. We created a page that captures the essence of what the Power Tribe Community is all about. We knew that this part of the website would be a central component for our customers, so we took extra care to ensure everything was right. We started with research on similar websites and noted what made them so appealing. We then used this information as inspiration while creating a unique ‘About’ page.

Finally, our dev team developed the Power Tribe blog page. This was the cornerstone of the entire project, as our client wanted to share their experience and those of other women of color.

Using an API, our tech team integrated the site with stripe, simplifying the membership payment process. The client can now receive funds automatically via credit cards and other digital formats while focusing on unleashing the potential of women of color.


Our client has gone on to register dozens of members from the website. Since 2020, they have also organized several meet-ups across the states. The site has enabled them to have an online presence and made inroads on social media using the site-social media linkage.


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