Product Projects

BatteryXchange Software Development Case Study

The Opportunity

BatteryXchange is a leading smartphone battery exchange platform in the country, offering clients access to a network of battery exchange locations nationwide, enabling them to quickly recharge on-the-go and save valuable time and resources. The company approached to develop a comprehensive website and mobile application to support its battery exchange services.

The Solution

We developed a Battery Rental Application with the aim of providing a seamless online platform for renting rechargeable phone batteries. The objective was to simplify the process of renting a battery from a kiosk and returning it within 24 hours to the nearest location. The project entailed thorough planning, design, and implementation of multiple modifications to an existing system, including the creation of custom user interfaces for web and mobile devices, integration of third-party payment services, and integration of a mapping solution to facilitate the identification of the closest BatteryXchange kiosk.

Tech Stack

  • Android- Java
  • iOS – Swift, Objective-C
  • Website – WordPress, PHP



How We Built the BatteryXchange App and Website

In the first phase of the project, we conducted a comprehensive requirements analysis, engaging with potential customers to understand their specific needs and expectations for the battery exchange service, as well as holding discussions with the client regarding their business requirements. Additionally, we analyzed usage patterns to inform refinement of the user experience and user interface.

Our initial efforts focused on the development of the BatteryXchange website, which was built on the WordPress Content Management System. To enhance user-friendliness, we updated the homepage with improved graphics and created an ‘About Us’ page that outlines the client’s mission. To facilitate engagement with potential partners, we also developed a ‘Talk with Sales’ page linked with SavvyCal.

The primary goal of the website is to drive app downloads, and thus we integrated links to the Apple and Google Playstore pages for easy access to the BatteryXchange app. To expand the product’s market reach, we advised the development of both iOS and Android versions of the app. Our technical team finalized development of the iOS version, which was initiated by previous developers in Objective-C, and deployed it to the Apple Store. The Android application was developed using Java.

Our focus was on creating a user-friendly interface for the app, keeping in mind that it would be used on a need-to basis. The app’s ‘Home Page’ features a map that displays the nearest kiosks for battery exchange and a button that activates an inbuilt QR Code scanner for convenient access to batteries. The app is also linked to an e-wallet, which allows users to safely recharge using various payment service providers and provides access to the user board through a swipe to the right, featuring the wallet.

Notable Details

  • New Functionalities– The implementation of a notification system, providing real-time updates on battery exchange status to users. As well as the introduction of a ‘Pay-Per-Use’ model, offering greater pricing flexibility for users.”
  • Fining System– Introduced a loss recovery system, allowing for efficient management of lost battery charges.
  • Backend Changes– A metrics system has been implemented to aid administrators in evaluating the performance of BatteryXchange kiosks.
  • We also provide comprehensive management of the client’s cloud infrastructure to ensure the security and privacy of user data.

The Result

The BatteryXchange application has been a resounding success for the company. It has achieved over 500 downloads from the Google Playstore and Apple Store, with a daily user base in the tens and monthly user base in the hundreds. In recognition of its exceptional customer experience, the app was awarded the title of ‘Best Customer Experience’ at the 2021 Global EnergyTech Awards.

Since its launch, the app has facilitated the expansion of the company’s operations to new locations and growth of its customer base. The seamless compatibility of the app on both Android and iOS platforms has greatly contributed to its success.

In alignment with the company’s vision of providing affordable battery exchange services to customers throughout the US, the BatteryXchange app has eliminated the concern of a dying phone battery and made these services readily accessible to all.”

Design Product

Xceleration – A Case Study

Recent research into the role of recognition in employee performance has revealed that it plays a crucial role in their productivity. Companies with reward and recognition programs see a 63% increase in productivity. Their profit margins are higher by an almost similar percentage. Such companies are also more likely to retain their workers.

Employee reward programs go beyond financial incentives, simple pay bumps, and end-year bonuses. Human beings are more complex, and often we want to feel recognized beyond a couple of zeros on a cheque. This is where Xceleration comes in.

The company offers customized reward programs for companies across the US. They have a comprehensive catalog of incentives ranging from branded gear, trips, gift cards, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They approached to help build an online platform for this service. They hoped to make the reward program more accessible for companies and increase its uptake.


Staffing Frontend Consultants

Technology – React

How We Helped Xceleration

At PLECCO, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for the right job, especially in the ever-evolving technology landscape. This is why we are proud to have partnered with Xceleration, a leading technology firm, to provide them with front-end consultants versed in React. Our partnership has proven to be a successful one, as our team was able to support the development of new features for Xceleration’s platform.

The team at PLECCO was tasked with providing Xceleration with top-notch front-end consultants who were skilled in React. React is a popular JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces, and it is essential for developing web-based applications that are user-friendly and interactive. Our team was able to deliver on this requirement, providing Xceleration with front-end consultants who were not only knowledgeable in React but were also experienced in working on various web-based projects.

Working with Xceleration was a great opportunity for our team to showcase our strengths in staffing and project management. Throughout the project, we made sure that all resources were ready and prepared to support Xceleration’s development efforts. Our team worked closely with Xceleration’s technical leads to understand their requirements and provide the right resources at the right time. We also provided ongoing support throughout the project to ensure that everything was running smoothly.

The project was a success, and Xceleration was impressed with the quality of the work that was delivered. The new features that were developed were well-received by the end-users, and Xceleration was able to meet their goals and deadlines. This was a testament to the quality of the consultants that we provided, as well as our ability to manage projects effectively.

Code on a laptop screen


In conclusion, our partnership with Xceleration has been a great success, and we are proud to have played a role in their success. Our team was able to provide Xceleration with the right resources at the right time, and we were able to support the development of new features for their platform. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Xceleration and helping them achieve their technology goals.

If you are looking for a staffing partner who can help you find the right talent for the right job, look no further than PLECCO. We have a proven track record of providing high-quality resources to our clients, and we are committed to helping you achieve your technology goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.